Interview Questions

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Remember when you interview, you should be interviewing the place just as much as they are interviewing you. Questions I will usually ask in interviews.

To Resolve:

  1. General Questions:
    Why is this salary exempt? Do you regularly work more than 40 hours a week?
    What kind of hours will I be working?
    Will there be weekend hours? If so, how soon am I supposed to respond to issues? What priorities am I expected to respond to?
    What impact is it if I’m 5 minutes late? How about Dr. Appointments?
    Will travel ever be required?
    Do you support training expenses? I.E. Will I get reimbursed for working on my Master’s degree? Certs?
    What is the dress code?
    How big is the team I will be working with?
    Is there upward mobility?
    How many tickets/ projects/ tasks does the average person handle/ manage in a day? When someone is behind how is that handled?
    Do most of the team meet up after work or is this a work go home group?

  2. Technical:
    What kind of backup system do you use?
    Is this more of an admin job or a desktop support job?
    Will I be in charge of more than one site?
    Can I run custom powershell scripts? In QA first of course.
    How many servers?
    Who handles first level support?
    Is there WSUS? How do you handle Windows Updates?
    Is there MDT/WDS? How do you handle imaging?



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