Domain Replication Issues

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Use the following troubleshooting steps when running into Domain Replication issues. These will sometimes happen when replacing DC’s without going through the proper replacement steps which should be the following:

  1. Add the new DC’s – Promote them.

  2. Integrate them – Configure roles and services.

  3. Take the originals offline – Keep them running side by side at least for 24 hours if possible.

NOTE: DHCP/DNS issues can usually be resolved by adding the IP as a secondary on the new servers NIC once you power the old server off.

To Resolve:

  1. On the domain controller, Run – eventvwr.msc – Check the logs regarding Active Directory. If there are errors or warnings, try the following:

  2. Type each of the commands and study their output:

repadmin /showrepl * /errorsonly >log.txt # see this
repadmin /replsummary
repadmin /syncall

dcdiag /c /e /v /q /f:results.txt # see this

netdiag /q /v /dcAccountEnum /l »log.txt# see this