iDashboards Installation

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These are the steps I followed in installing iDashboard server. iDashboards ( is a Java application that displays dashboards views of Excel or SQL Server data. It falls under reporting type applications used heavily in management positions.

To Resolve:

  1. I created a new Server 2012 VM, installed MS SQL Server 2008r2, and moved over the iDashboards installer, Java SQL installer, and the license file.

  2. Before running the .exe for iDashbaords, I had to open SQL Server Management Studio.

  3. Under Databases, I right clicked – New – DataBaseName

  4. Under Security – Logins – Right Click – New Login – Filled out the info below:

a. Name: DBUser # Note: I created the same user and added them to the local admin account (lusrmgr.msc). On this screen, I selected the option to “search..” and pointed to the user.

b. Select the SQL Server authentication and input the password you want the user to have.

c. Move to the Server Roles tab – check “sysadmin” to give the database user sysadmin rights.

d. Move to the user mapping tab and select all the options. Also add “dbo” under the default schema:



e. Leave the rest default and click OK. Finished the installation. iDashboards can now be accessed via web GUI.

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