PS: Package Managers

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Powershell Package Managers are the Windows equivelent of yum, apt-get, etc for Linux. It is used to automate SDII (software discovery, installation, and inventory).

NOTE: Make sure to start Powershell as an admin and type: set-executionpolicy bypass

To Resolve:

  1. First thing to do is to upgrade your PS to version 5 found here.

  2. Now open up PS and Type:

Get-Module -Listavailable

Import-Module Packagemanagement

#This Will Show A List Of All The Commands For The Module.
Gcm -Module Packagemanagement

# As example, we install FF
Find-Package -Name Firefox
# Installs Firefox
Install-Package -Name Firefox -Source Chocolatey
# This Will Uninstall Firefox
Uninstall-Package -Name Firefox


  1. To install Chocolatey as a PackageProvider, Type:
Iex ((New-Object Net.Webclient).Downloadstring('')) 
# Close And Re-Open Powershell

# Now, To Install A Package You Just Type:
Choco Install (Packagename)

# To Uninstall
Choco Uninstall (Packagename).