PS: Web Access

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Windows PowerShell Web Access acts as a Windows PowerShell gateway, providing a web-based Windows PowerShell console that is targeted at a remote computer. It enables IT Pros to run Windows PowerShell commands and scripts from a Windows PowerShell console in a web browser, with no Windows PowerShell, remote management software, or browser plug-in installation necessary on the client device. All that is required to run the web-based Windows PowerShell console is a properly-configured Windows PowerShell Web Access gateway, and a client device browser that supports JavaScript and accepts cookies.

To Resolve:

  1. First run:
Install-WindowsFeature WindowsPowershellWebAccess

This installs IIS, .NET v4.5, and a new PS Module

  1. Next you run:
Install-PSWAWebApplication -UseTestCertificate

2b. NOTE: This installs creates a 90 day test cert, you are highly advised to point to your own signed cert instead.

  1. Next you run:
Add-PSWAAuthorizationRule -Computername Computername -Username Domainuser

3b. NOTE: This allows a user to control a remote computer.

  1. Next you run:
Add-PSWAAuthorizationRule * * *

4b. NOTE: This allows you to have full control. Typically not what you want, but it’s just for testing.

  1. You should now be able to open up a browser and use it to run powershell on any machine in your network you have access to.

  2. NOTE: I just scratched the surface of this, but will continue to look into how it works.