Service Stuck Starting Or Stopping

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If you have an issue with a service that is stuck “Starting” or “Stopping” but it won’t complete, follow these steps:

To Resolve:

  1. Query the process – To kill the service you have to know its PID or Process ID. To find this just type the following in at a command prompt: sc queryex servicename


  • Replace ‘servicename’ with the services registry name. For example: Print Spooler is spooler. (See Picture)
  1. Identify the PID – After running the query you will be presented with a list of details. You will want to locate the PID. (Highlighted)


  1. Run the “TaskKill” command – Now that you have the PID, you can run the following command to kill the hung process: taskkill /f /pid [PID]

    • This will force kill the hung service. (See Picture)


  1. Another way to stop a stopping service:

    • Set all restart of service options to Take No Action:
    • Run – services.msc – right-click Target-Service – Properties – Recovery tab #Make sure the First\Second\Subsequent failures are all set to “Take No Action”

    • Get the PID of your target service using:
    sc queryex wuauserv
    • Kill the process:
    taskkill /f /pid 334
    • Try starting the service.
  2. Never tried, but you could try stopping all processes with a specific service by using:

    TASKKILL /F /FI "SERVICES eq wuauserv"
    • Powershell way to kill all hung services:
    $Services = Get-WmiObject -Class win32_service | Where-Object {$_.state -eq 'stop pending'}
    foreach ($service in $Services) 
          Stop-Process -Id $service.processid -Force -PassThru -ErrorAction Stop
          Write-Error -Message "Error : $_.Exception.Message"