CCNA: General Commands and Startup

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Config settings
0x2102 Default setting
0x2142 Change NVRam
troubleshooting commands: ping, show ip route, show interfaces

Router config: If you forget the enable password, for a router:

Google the term for your particular model. Usually, the steps are:
Reload device
Pressing the right break key on keyboard,
setting the configuration register to skip the startup config file (usually to 0x2142),
and issuing the “copy start run” command so you can set a new password

For switches:

Google the term for your particular model. Usually, Hold down MODE button for 8 seconds while powering up, this causes is to copy current config to a file named “config.text.renamed” Copy it back to running config modified with another password. (- Didn’t understand that!

To set the device hostname:

Router(config)#hostname R1

To reboot:


To enable CEF (Cisco Express Forwarding) on a switch:

# I think cef is only on by default for layer 3 switches. So you need to run "ip routing"
Switch(config)#ip cef
# The following output illustrates how to enable dCEF on the Catalyst 6500 series switches:
Switch(config)#ip cef distributed

General show commands:

show version
show history # shows previous commands
show ip interface brief # commonly shortened to "show ip int bri", shows all interfaces and their status
show interfaces # same but more information per interface
show line # shows aux, console, and virtual terminals
show clock
service ? # ran in global config, shows all services. You then run "no service (name)" disable those you don't use. Ex: no service dhcp #disables dhcp.
show ip cef
show ip cef detail
show Processes
show Processes memory
show memory
show privilege # privileges go from 0-15 with 15 being "root"
show mac-address-table # shows mac table

Forgot router password?

# Turn on router, type CTRL+C during loading
rommon 1)confreg 0x2142
rommon 2)reset
# Router now bypasses with no passwords

How to get back to last known config:

copy start run
# now startup is in run
enable password cisco
do show ip int bri
int f0/0
no shut
#Rommon shuts down interfaces
do show ver
config-register 0x2102
copy run start
# should be good

To tell the router how to boot

Router(config)#boot system ?
Router(config)#boot system flash0://c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-4.M3.bin # to select a new IOS file to boot from
Router(config)#boot system flash # boot from flash
Router(config)#boot system tftp: # boot from Tftp
Router(config)#boot system tftp: c2500-js-l.121-17.bin (hostnameOrIP) # boot from Tftp example

To backup to a TFTP Server:

Router#show flash #highlight and copy the name of the file
Router#copy flash tftp
#paste filename
#dest filename? router1ios.bin

Restoring from TFTP:

Router#copy tftp flash

To put the configuration from Dram into NVRAM

copy startup-config running-config # don't run this unless you are sure! short version = copy start run
#DRAM is static startup and NVRAM is volatile running.

To put the configuration from NVRAM into DRAM

copy running-config startup-config # run this often!! short version = copy run start
write mem # People typically type "wr" in prod to do this, for some reason Cisco prefers the longer method so don't use this often.
# DRAM is static startup and NVRAM is volatile running.

To put the current DRAM config to TFTP

copy startup-config tftp:

To put flash config to TFTP

copy flash tftp:

To put TFTP config into flash

copy tftp flash:

To erase a config:

erase (configName) # example: erase startup-config

To delete something from FLASH:

delete (filename) # for example, delete vlan.dat (in routers to delete all VLAN info)