Dell OpenManage

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Dell OSMA is a software that you usually install on Dell physical servers that reports the health and status of system components.

To Resolve:

This page is meant just as a few reference commands that you can run on a Dell server with OSMA installed. You could probably script this, but I just setup a PRTG sensor that pulls all this data automatically (somebody had to write it though!). There are 3 “level 1” commands and many others that branch off those: omconfigure, omreport, and omhelp.

#list of controllers by id
omreport storage controller

#get a system summary of everything except storage
omreport system summary

#overall report of system components. OK is good, anything else must be looked into
omreport chassis

#to check the status of your virtual disks
omreport storage vdisk controller=0

# to set custom text on your server’s display
omconfig chassis frontpanel lcdindex=1 config=custom text=’enter here your custom text’