To Force Delete A Folder/File

1 minute read


I don’t know why this keeps coming up, but I have the hardest time deleting files/folders sometimes despite using Unlocker and FileAssasin. Follow these steps to work on issues like these.

To Resolve:

1a. First navigate to the directory in Windows Explorer. Hold down CTRL + Right click – Open Command Window here. You may have to close that CMD prompt and open CMD as administrator.

  1. Type:
rmdir (foldername) /s 
:: Gives error

del *.* 
:: Gives error

takeown /f (foldername) /r /d y 
:: Gives error
  1. Since those don’t work, lets try doing it running as NTAUTHORITY\SYSTEM: type
:: NOTE: This assumes you have PSTools installed and added to your PATH variable.
psexec -sid cmd.exe

:: Should return system
:: Try step 2 again, still no go

NOTE: You used to be able to run:

at 11:10 /interactive cmd.exe
:: Where 11:10 is the current time (HH:MM 24 hour) plus 1 minute.
:: The /interactive switch has been depreciated though.


  1. Right click each file with the Unlocker windows explorer extension – Delete on next reboot. This works!

  2. If you have a “path too long” error, just type:

robocopy c:\empty C:\deleteme /purge
:: NOTE: This will delete that folder (c:\deleteme) and all subfolders for you!