vi Shortcuts

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There is probably a thousand of these on the intertubes, but here’s mine.

To Resolve:

ctrl+g = help
ctrl+o = save file
ctrl+x = exit file

alt+\ = move to beginning
alt+/ = move to end
ctrl+y = up a page
ctrl+v = down a page
ctrl+a = beginning of line
ctrl+e = end of line
ctrl+_ = enter a line number, a comma, and a column number

ctrl+w = search for a string, ctrl+c cancels it
alt+m+a = select area to copy
alt+6 = copy – highlight with cursor first
ctrl+k = cut – cuts an entire line if you don’t highlight anything
ctrl+m = inserts a blank line
ctrl+u = paste
alt+r = replace expr1 with expr2. y for one occurance and a for all

alt+x = remove the help menu at the bottom