PS: Link To Helpdesk

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As part of my initial install script, I like to put a link to our helpdesk on the user’s desktop. Like many systems, the API for our helpdesk system allows you to manipulate URLs for ticket submissions so I just used Powershell to create a link on the user’s desktop for submitting new tickets.

To Resolve:

  1. Tweak this code in your scripts to set links for users:
# Send Helpdesk link to Desktop
# Feel free to omit this code, but it works great with web API's as you just insert
# User names into the URL to create a custom form the user can click on to submit a ticket. YMMV.

$fname = read-host "enter the first name of the user"
$lname = read-host "enter the last name of the user"

$string = '' `
 + $fname + '%20' + $lname + '&userName=' + $fname + $lname `
  + '&email=' `
  + $fname + $lname + ''

$TargetFile = "$string"
$ShortcutFile = "$env:userprofile\Desktop\Helpdesk.url"
$WScriptShell = New-Object -ComObject WScript.Shell
$Shortcut = $WScriptShell.CreateShortcut($ShortcutFile)
$Shortcut.TargetPath = $TargetFile

This can be found in my gwMisc section.