CherryTree Configuration

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Over the years I have bounced around different organizers such as TreeNotesDB, OneNote, CherryTree, GoogleDocs, etc. This is my settings for CherryTree:

To Resolve:

  1. Open up preferences and configure:

Text and code:
Uncheck Automatic indentation

Rich Text:
Custom Background – #CCFFCC and #0B0909
# 2017-08-21: Changed to #0BAF0B – green / #2A2828 – grey and #06FAED for links
Miscellaneous = Uncheck show white spaces and highlight current line

Plain Text and Code:
Style Scheme – Oblivion
Uncheck show white spaces and highlight current line

Custom Background – #0B0909 and #CCFFCC
Use selected icon = terminal
Nodes on startup = expand all

Tree Nodes Names Wrapping Width = 200

Change all to verdana, normal, 12
Linux = Waree Book 12

Change all four to equal #058200

Saving – Check Autosave every 10 minutes and autosave on quit. Uncheck the Create backup copy
Misc – Uncheck all three options

Finally, go to View – Show/Hide Node Name Header to turn it off.


Light green and black:
Rich Text = #CCFFCC and #0B0909
Tree = #0B0909 and #CCFFCC
So what you do is just switch so the contrast is the opposite between Rich text node and the tree node. One will be

Green – #CCFFCC
Black – #0B0909

Another green and black:
Black – #1D1D1D
Green – #618B61

Black – #293134
Gray – #E0E2E4

Favorite So Far:
Black – #272526
Green – #23B14D