Adding Custom Emails To Send From In Gmail

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So I have purchased a couple domains from Google Domains and I always liked how, if you stay with them instead of switching to CloudFlare, they will allow you to receive emails that forward to your personal Gmail. I don’t know why I didn’t bother with this before, but you can SEND FROM those email addresses as well.

To Resolve:

  1. First, to get email sent to you at your new domain, you just go to Email – and enter “*” and point it to your personal gmail in the “Email Forwarding” section. Pretty straightforward.

Said another way: Click domain – Email – Add:* ->

  1. To send out as that person though, you have to:

2a. Click on “My Account” – Sign In Options

2b. Find the “App Passwords” and select Mail – Other – Enter your domain name in other. It will then generate a code, copy that.

2c. Now open gmail – Settings – Accounts and Import – Add another address – Name: Your DisplayName – Email address: – Next.

2d. SMTP Server: – Port: 465 – Username: – Password: App password from above

2e. Click verification email – done!