PS: Append Blacklisted Sites To Windows Host File

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Let me start by saying first and foremost, I am a SysAdmin and not a “computer geek / tinkerer”. Modifying the host file is almost NEVER the right answer for blocking sites. This should be done at the gateway or using a device like pi-hole or a web filtering service like OpenDNS. But, I just wanted to play around with PS on my machine to see what I could find, so here goes.

To Resolve:

  1. This script:

    • Downloads lists of “Blacklisted” Websites from three sources (below) and APPENDS them to your current Windows Host File.
    # Get Hostfile Values From Winhelp2002.Mvps.Org, Github, And Someonewhocares.Org And Store Them In Separate Text Files
    $Hfv = Invoke-Webrequest ""
    New-Item -Itemtype File -Path C:\Scripts\Hfv.Txt -Value $Hfv.Content
    Log "Created C:\Scripts\hfv.txt from winhelp2002" 
    $Hfv2 = Invoke-Webrequest ""
    New-Item -Itemtype File -Path C:\Scripts\Hfv2.Txt -Value $Hfv2.Content
    Log "Created C:\Scripts\hfv2.txt from Github" 
    $Hfv3 = Invoke-Webrequest ""
    New-Item -Itemtype File -Path C:\Scripts\Hfv3.Txt -Value $Hfv3.Content
    Log "Created C:\Scripts\hfv3.txt from" 
    # Combine The Files
    $Merged = Get-Content C:\Scripts\Hfv.Txt
    $Merged2 = Get-Content C:\Scripts\Hfv2.Txt | Select-Object -Skip 67
    $Merged3 = Get-Content C:\Scripts\Hfv3.Txt | Select-Object -Skip 117
    $Total = $Merged + $Merged2 + $Merged3
    $Total | Out-File Combined.Txt
    # Modify The File
    $A = @"
    # Please See:
    # Follow Their Rules In Regards To Licensing And Copyright
    # Entries Below
    Log "Cleaning The File By Removing Anything That Is Not A 0 Or 1" 
    $B = Get-Content Combined.Txt | Where-Object { $_ -Match "^0" -Or $_ -Match "^1"}
    $C = -Join $A, $B
    Log "Replace All With" 
    $D = $C.Replace("", "")
    Log "Sort Alphabetically And Remove Duplicates" 
    $E = $D | Sort-Object | Get-Unique
    $E | Out-File Host.Txt
    Log "Appending To The Current Windows Host File" 
    Add-Content -Value $E -Path "$($Env:Windir)\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts"
    # Clean Up
    Remove-Item -Path C:\Scripts\Combined.Txt
    Remove-Item -Path C:\Scripts\Hfv.Txt
    Remove-Item -Path C:\Scripts\Hfv2.Txt
    Remove-Item -Path C:\Scripts\Hfv3.Txt
    Remove-Item -Path C:\Scripts\Host.Txt
    Log "Deleting Txt Files Created By Script"                 
  2. This can be found in my gwConfiguration section.