Plex: Ignore Directories

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Follow these steps to have Plex Media Server ignore a directory.

To Resolve:

  1. So let’s say we have a folder: C:\vids. In it, you have two normal folders “youtube” and “movies” that Plex scans and adds to its libraries. But let’s say we have a “private-vids” folder in there that is hidden in Windows Explorer that you don’t want Plex to scan. What you do is create a file called “.plexignore” and put the folder followed by “/*” as the value. Plex will then skip it. In Powershell, this looks like:

    Set-Location C:\vids
    (ni -ItemType file -Value "private-vids/*" -Name .plexignore).attributes="hidden"
  2. Now you can verify:

    cd c:\vids
    # Shows "youtube" folder and "movies" folder
    ls -Hidden
    # Shows "private-vids" folder and ".plexignore" file
    cat .\.plexignore
    # returns: private-vids/*