Setup A New Computer

2 minute read


I will be following these steps to re-image my home computer soon.

To Resolve:

  1. Install Firefox.
  2. Google Backup and Sync.

    1. Create symlink:
     mkdir c:\_gwill
     cd c:\_gwill
     mklink /d google z:\google
    1. Now launch installer
    2. Enter email / Enter password
    3. Sign in on web if you have two factor, the screen will just gray out if you use the Authenticator app – Will probably be fixed in a later release.
    4. Skip the screen about backing up continuously (although that is what you want to do) – DO NOT CHOOSE a folder here.
    5. On the screen where it checks the box to sync google drive, HERE is where you select the folder. If you have a sym link, select that folder.
  3. Install apps below:
    1. 7zip
    2. VSCode
    3. Greenshot
    4. Bulk Rename Util
    5. CryptSync
    6. Everything
    7. Notepad++
    8. PDF Tools
    9. PureVPN
    10. NoMacs - Image editor
    11. FreeFileSync
    12. Git
    13. Teams
    14. qBitTorrent
    15. vlc
    16. Chrome
    17. Veeam Endpoint Backup Free
  4. Install VPN Client for work

  5. Configure Veeam Endpoint
    1. Point it to my Z:\ which will be backed up to encrypted external manually
  6. Install Office by logging into O365.
    1. Outlook - Turn off all notifications – See
  7. NPP Config
    1. Settings – Style Configurator – Obsidian theme – Consolas 12 – Enable Global font/ Enable Global font size

    2. Options: Recent files history = uncheck “don’t check at launch” Backup – Uncheck “Remember current session..” Multi-instance = Always in Multi-Instance Mode Misc = Uncheck “enable” under Clickable Link Settings Plugins – dspellchecker – uncheck the “spell check document automatically (ctrl+a)”

  8. Firefox config
    1. Sign in and follow
  9. Everything config
  10. Options – Keyboard – Show Window Hotkey: Ctrl+Alt+Q

  11. Teams config
    1. Click on Initials in top right – Settings – Theme: Dark – check “open application in background”
  12. Quickcliq config
    1. See
  13. Install Virtualbox and point to my G:\

  14. Configure Greenshot
    1. Preferences tab - Hotkeys - Clear all and enter Ctrl+Q for capture region.
    2. Capture tab - Turn off notifications
    3. Destination tab - Select only ‘Open in Image editor’
  15. VSCode config
    1. See

Configure Windows Itself

  1. Run new computer script
  2. Enable WSL - Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux. After installation your Linux distribution will be located at: %localappdata%\lxss. I’m not sure but I think you have to then go to the Windows Store and install Ubuntu.
  3. Settings – Taskbar – Select which icons appear – Set all to disabled except Backup and Sync
  4. Set background to my preferred image
  5. Set lockscreen to my preferred image
  6. Set mouse to my preferred cursor - oxy-midnight_meadow
  7. Setup my preferred Powershell profile settings – See Profile
  8. Finally – Set Windows Taskbar: Thunderbird (Portable), VSCode, ConEmu, File Explorer, NPP, Firefox, Teams, Outlook


  1. The following global shortcuts should work:
    • Ctrl+Q - Greenshot capture region
    • Alt+Q - Quickcliq menu
    • Ctl+Alt+Q - Everything menu
  2. Pin the following items to the start menu:
    • Powershell
    • Powershell ISE
    • VirtualBox
    • Ubuntu for Windows