Service Starts Then Stops Immediately

less than 1 minute read


For Windows Servers, sometimes applications will start and then stop a second later. Event Viewer will not show any helpful messages. Try these steps to troubleshoot.

To Resolve:

1a. Get the service name

  1. Go to the directory of the executable by looking at the service path

  2. Look for a license file, open up in notepad (.lic)

3b. Look at what port the service is set to listen on – sometimes this can be found in the config file in the same directory as the executable.

  1. Run “netstat -ano” to find the port number and what is listening. Then lookup the PID.

  2. Open Task Manager – Processes tab – Add columns – PID and Image Path.

  3. Now sort by PID and kill it. If it doesn’t work, try through command line: taskkill /pid pid /f

  4. Now try to start the service again.