Setup Pi-Hole

1 minute read


So after setting up my PI, I installed Pi-hole for my network on it.

To Resolve:

1a. First you ssh to it:

sudo vi /etc/dhcpcd.conf
# set static IP; save and exit
# change to root
sudo su
curl -sSL | bash

Note: When I did this, the installer wasn’t able to continue because I had changed the IP address of the pi. I then had to modify /etc/dhcpcd.conf and /etc/resolv.conf to also point to for DNS since it cleared it and set everything to only point to I then re-ran the installer for it to setup completely.

  1. At the end of the install it gives you the admin password, copy it somewhere. Then type:
pihole -a -p
  1. Configure router to point to pi – This will vary from vendor to vendor but you typically login to your routers LAN interface in your web browser, then go to lan settings – and set the DNS server handed by DHCP to that of your pi-hole.



pihole -b – Adding a site to blacklist
pihole -wild – Adding a site and all its subsites to blacklist
pihole -w – Adding a site to whitelist
pihole -wild -d – Remove a blacklist
pihole -up – update it
pihole -c – shows stats
pihole status – shows stats
pihole -q hulu – to query a specific domain
pihole disable / enable – Self explanatory
pihole restartdns – restart dns server

If you want to block Youtube, add the following to your blacklist section: