VSCode Workspaces

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Short post here - Just wanted to mention that if you have issues connecting to different repos (work / home) like Gitlab and Github, it might be best to setup Workspaces in VSCode. I have been using the following setup for a couple months and I think I found my way:

To Resolve:

  1. Workspace notes is the default workspace I open when I launch VScode, I setup it up by changing the properties in the VSCode launcher to "C:\Program Files\Microsoft VS Code\Code.exe" c:\google\apps\vscode\notes.code-workspace

  2. I then have other .code-workspace files in c:\google\apps\vscode\ that point to different things:

    • work-powershell - For working with Gitlab
    • work-puppet - For working with Gitlab
    • home-powershell - for updating my Github scripts at home
    • home-website - For updating this site
  3. I even went as far as creating a function in my $Profile in Powershell so that if I open code and am too lazy to Open New Window - Open Workspace I can just run the function from within VSCode and it will open the windows for me:

    Function Start-Workspaces {
       [Parameter(Position = 0, Mandatory = $False)]
    If ( $Powershell)
    code C:\google\apps\vscode\home-powershell.code-workspace
    code C:\google\apps\vscode\work-powershell.code-workspace
    code C:\google\apps\vscode\home-powershell.code-workspace
    code C:\google\apps\vscode\home-website.code-workspace
    code C:\google\apps\vscode\work-powershell.code-workspace
    code C:\google\apps\vscode\work-puppet.code-workspace